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The name of the .dll or .exe file for which you want to find the matching .pdb file.

(Optional) Reports all directories where an attempt was made to locate the .pdb file.


/PDBPATH searches your computer along the same paths that the debugger searches for a .pdb file and reports which, if any, .pdb files correspond to the file specified in filename.

When using the Visual Studio debugger, you may experience a problem because the debugger is using a .pdb file for a different version of the file you're debugging.

/PDBPATH will search for .pdb files along the following paths:

  • Check the location where the executable resides.
  • Check the location of the PDB written into the executable. This is usually the location at the time the image was linked.
  • Check along the search path configured in the Visual Studio IDE.
  • Check along the paths in the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH and _NT_ALT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variables.
  • Check in the Windows directory.

See also

/PDBALTPATH (Use Alternate PDB Path)