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This option changes the attributes of a section, overriding the attributes that were set when the object file for the section was compiled or linked.

After the colon ( : ), specify the name of the section. To change the section name, follow name with an equal sign (=) and a newname for the section.

To set or change the section's attributes, specify a comma (,) followed by one or more attributes characters. To negate an attribute, precede its character with an exclamation point (!). The following characters specify memory attributes:

Attribute Setting
c code
d discardable
e executable
i initialized data
k cached virtual memory
m link remove
o link info
p paged virtual memory
r read
s shared
u uninitialized data
w write

To control alignment, specify the character A followed by one of the following characters to set the size of alignment in bytes, as follows:

Character Alignment size in bytes
1 1
2 2
4 4
8 8
p 16
t 32
s 64
x no alignment

Specify the attributes and alignment characters as a string with no white space. The characters are not case sensitive.

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