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Function Body

A function body is a compound statement containing the statements that specify what the function does.


declaration-specifiersopt attribute-seqopt declarator declaration-listopt compound-statement

/* attribute-seq is Microsoft-specific */

compound-statement: /* The function body */
{ declaration-listopt statement-listopt }

Variables declared in a function body, known as local variables, have auto storage class unless otherwise specified. When the function is called, storage is created for the local variables, and local initializations are performed. Execution control passes to the first statement in compound-statement and continues until a return statement is executed or the end of the function body is encountered. Control then returns to the point at which the function was called.

A return statement containing an expression must be executed if the function is to return a value. The return value of a function is undefined if no return statement is executed or if the return statement doesn't include an expression.

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