_Cmulcr, _FCmulcr, _LCmulcr

Multiplies a complex number by a floating-point number.


_Dcomplex _Cmulcr( _Dcomplex x, double y );
_Fcomplex _FCmulcr( _Fcomplex x, float y );
_Lcomplex _LCmulcr( _Lcomplex x, long double y );


One of the complex operands to multiply.

The floating-point operand to multiply.

Return value

A _Dcomplex, _Fcomplex, or _Lcomplex structure that represents the complex product of the complex number x and floating-point number y.


Because the built-in arithmetic operators don't work on the Microsoft implementation of the complex types, the _Cmulcr, _FCmulcr, and _LCmulcr functions simplify multiplication of complex types by floating-point types.


Routine C header C++ header
_Cmulcr, _FCmulcr, _LCmulcr <complex.h> <complex.h>

These functions are Microsoft-specific. The types _Dcomplex, _Fcomplex, and _Lcomplex are Microsoft-specific equivalents to the unimplemented C99 native types double _Complex, float _Complex, and long double _Complex, respectively. For more compatibility information, see Compatibility.

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