cpow, cpowf, cpowl

Retrieves the value of a number raised to the specified power, where the base and exponent are complex numbers. This function has a branch cut for the exponent along the negative real axis.


_Dcomplex cpow(
   _Dcomplex x, _Dcomplex y
_Fcomplex cpow(
   _Fcomplex x, _Fcomplex y
);  // C++ only
_Lcomplex cpow(
   _Lcomplex x, _Lcomplex y
);  // C++ only
_Fcomplex cpowf(
   _Fcomplex x, _Fcomplex y
_Lcomplex cpowl(
   _Lcomplex x, _Lcomplex y


The base.

The exponent.

Return value

The value of x raised to the power of y with a branch cut for x along the negative real axis.


Because C++ allows overloading, you can call overloads of cpow that take and return _Fcomplex and _Lcomplex values. In a C program, cpow always takes and returns a _Dcomplex value.


Routine C header C++ header
cpow, cpowf, cpowl <complex.h> <ccomplex>

For more compatibility information, see Compatibility.

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