fegetround, fesetround

Gets or sets the current floating-point rounding mode.


int fegetround(void);

int fesetround(
   int round_mode


The rounding mode to set, as one of the floating-point rounding macros. If the value isn't equal to one of the floating-point rounding macros, the rounding mode isn't changed.

Return value

On success, fegetround returns the rounding mode as one of the floating point rounding macro values. It returns a negative value if the current rounding mode can't be determined.

On success, fesetround returns 0. Otherwise, a non-zero value is returned.


Floating-point operations can use one of several rounding modes. These modes control which direction the results of floating-point operations are rounded toward when the results are stored. Here are the names and behaviors of the floating-point rounding macros defined in <fenv.h>:

Macro Description
FE_DOWNWARD Round towards negative infinity.
FE_TONEAREST Round towards the nearest.
FE_TOWARDZERO Round towards zero.
FE_UPWARD Round towards positive infinity.

The default behavior of FE_TONEAREST is to round results midway between representable values toward the nearest value with an even (0) least significant bit.

The current rounding mode affects these operations:

  • String conversions.

  • The results of floating-point arithmetic operators outside of constant expressions.

  • The library rounding functions, such as rint and nearbyint.

  • Return values from standard library mathematical functions.

The current rounding mode doesn't affect these operations:

  • The trunc, ceil, floor, and lround library functions.

  • Floating-point to integer implicit casts and conversions, which always round towards zero.

  • The results of floating-point arithmetic operators in constant expressions, which always round to the nearest value.

To use these functions, you must turn off floating-point optimizations that could prevent access by using the #pragma fenv_access(on) directive prior to the call. For more information, see fenv_access.


Function C header C++ header
fegetround, fesetround <fenv.h> <cfenv>

For more compatibility information, see Compatibility.

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