Warning C26406

Do not assign a raw pointer to an owner<T> (r.3)

This warning enforces R.3 from the C++ Core Guidelines. For more information, see C++ Core Guidelines R.3.


Owners are initialized from allocations or from other owners. This warning occurs when you assign a value from a raw pointer to an owner pointer. Raw pointers don't guarantee ownership transfer; the original owner may still hold the resource and attempt to release it. It's okay to assign a value from an owner to a raw pointer. Raw pointers are valid clients to access resources, but not to manage them.

Code analysis name: DONT_ASSIGN_RAW_TO_OWNER


Using address of object:

This sample attempts to assign ownership of the address of defaultSocket to owner pointer socket:

gsl::owner<Socket*> socket = defaultSocket ? &defaultSocket : new Socket(); // C26406