Warning C26478

Don't use std::move on constant variables. (es.56)


This warning is to indicate that the use of std::move not consistent with how std::move is intended to be used.

When called on a const object, std::move returns a copy of the object, which is likely not the developer's intent.

Code analysis name: NO_MOVE_OP_ON_CONST

Example 1

struct node
    node* next;
    int id;

void foo(const node& n)
    const node local = std::move(n); // C26478 reported here
    // ...

An assignment operator or using the passed in parameter will prevent this warning from being issued and will adequately serve the developer's use case.

Example 2

struct s;

template <typename T>
void bar(T t){};

void foo()
    const s s1;
    bar(std::move(s1)); // C26478 reported here

See also

ES.56 - Write std::move() only when you need to explicitly move an object to another scope