end function

Returns an iterator that points beyond the end of a collection that is accessed by the specified interface parameter.


template <typename T>
    end(IVector<T>^ v);

template <typename T>
    end(IVectorView<T>^ v);
template <typename T>
    end(IIterable<T>^ i);


A template type parameter.

A collection of Vector<T> or VectorView<T> objects that are accessed by an IVector<T>, or IVectorView<T> interface.

A collection of arbitrary Windows Runtime objects that are accessed by an IIterable<T> interface.

Return Value

An iterator that points beyond the end of the collection.


The first two function templates return iterators, and the third function template returns an input iterator.

The Platform::Collections::VectorViewIterator object that is returned by end is a proxy iterator that stores elements of type VectorProxy<T>. However, the proxy object is almost never visible to user code. For more information, see Collections (C++/CX).


Header: collection.h

Namespace: Windows::Foundation::Collections

See also

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