Microsoft::WRL Namespace

Defines the fundamental types that make up the Windows Runtime C++ Template Library.


namespace Microsoft::WRL;



Name Description
InhibitWeakReferencePolicy RuntimeClassFlags<WinRt | InhibitWeakReference>


Name Description
ActivationFactory Class Enables one or more classes to be activated by the Windows Runtime.
AsyncBase Class Implements the Windows Runtime asynchronous state machine.
ClassFactory Class Implements the basic functionality of the IClassFactory interface.
ComPtr Class Creates a smart pointer type that represents the interface specified by the template parameter. ComPtr automatically maintains a reference count for the underlying interface pointer and releases the interface when the reference count goes to zero.
DeferrableEventArgs Class A template class used for the event argument types for deferrals.
EventSource Class Represents an event. EventSource member functions add, remove, and invoke event handlers.
FtmBase Class Represents a free-threaded marshaler object.
Module Class Represents a collection of related objects.
RuntimeClass Class Represents an instantiated class that inherits the specified number of interfaces, and provides the specified Windows Runtime, classic COM, and weak reference support.
SimpleActivationFactory Class Provides a fundamental mechanism to create a Windows Runtime or classic COM base class.
SimpleClassFactory Class Provides a fundamental mechanism to create a base class.
WeakRef Class Represents a weak reference that can be used by only the Windows Runtime, not classic COM. A weak reference represents an object that might or might not be accessible.


Name Description
ChainInterfaces Structure Specifies verification and initialization functions that can be applied to a set of interface IDs.
CloakedIid Structure Indicates to the RuntimeClass, Implements and ChainInterfaces templates that the specified interface is not accessible in the IID list.
Implements Structure Implements QueryInterface and GetIid for the specified interfaces.
MixIn Structure Ensures that a runtime class derives from Windows Runtime interfaces, if any, and then classic COM interfaces.
RuntimeClassFlags Structure Contains the type for an instance of a RuntimeClass.


Name Description
AsyncResultType Enumeration Specifies the type of result returned by the GetResults() method.
ModuleType Enumeration Specifies whether a module should support an in-process server or an out-of-process server.
RuntimeClassType Enumeration Specifies the type of RuntimeClass instance that is supported.


Name Description
AsWeak Function Retrieves a weak reference to a specified instance.
Callback Function (WRL) Creates an object whose member function is a callback method.
CreateActivationFactory Function Creates a factory that produces instances of the specified class that can be activated by the Windows Runtime.
CreateClassFactory Function Creates a factory that produces instances of the specified class.
Make Function Initializes the specified Windows Runtime class.


Header: async.h, client.h, corewrappers.h, event.h, ftm.h, implements.h, internal.h, module.h

Namespace: Microsoft::WRL

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