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Peripheral View


The Peripheral View allows embedded developers to view and manipulate registers and peripherals defined in SVD (System View Description) files while debugging.


Capability Description Instructions Keyboard shortcuts
Navigate peripherals Navigate the peripheral tree view by collapsing and expanding components in the tree view. Scroll to view all of the peripherals. Select the caret on each item to expand or collapse the view. Use the Up or Down arrow keys to scroll. Use the Left and Right arrow keys to expand or collapse the view.
Edit peripheral values Modify writeable peripheral values. Select the peripheral value to edit. Use the Enter key to submit that value. Use the F2 key to edit, Esc to cancel editing, and Enter to submit edits.
Access memory View the memory locations of peripherals. Select the linked memory addresses to view. Use Tab to select the link, and Enter to navigate to the link.
Pin peripherals Pin important peripherals to the top of the view. Select the pin icon to pin or unpin peripherals. Use Tab to select the pin icon, and Enter to pin or unpin it.
Search for peripherals Search for peripherals that you have specific interest in Type text into the search bar. See Instructions column.