Missing Function Body or Variable

With just a function prototype, the compiler can continue without error, but the linker cannot resolve a call to an address because there is no function code or variable space reserved. You will not see this error until you create a call to the function that the linker must resolve.

Example: Call to an undefined function

The function call in main will cause LNK2019 because the prototype allows the compiler to think the function exists. The linker finds that it doesn't.

// LNK2019_MFBV.cpp
// LNK2019 expected
void DoSomething(void);
int main() {

Example: Call to an implemented function

In C++, make sure that you include the implementation of a specific function for a class and not just a prototype in the class definition. If you are defining the class outside of the header file, be sure to include the class name before the function (Classname::memberfunction).

// LNK2019_MFBV_2.cpp
// LNK2019 expected
struct A {
   static void Test();

// Should be void A::Test() {}
void Test() {}

int main() {
   A AObject;

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