__readgsbyte, __readgsdword, __readgsqword, __readgsword

Microsoft Specific

Read memory from a location specified by an offset relative to the beginning of the GS segment.


unsigned char __readgsbyte(
   unsigned long Offset
unsigned short __readgsword(
   unsigned long Offset
unsigned long __readgsdword(
   unsigned long Offset
unsigned __int64 __readgsqword(
   unsigned long Offset


[in] The offset from the beginning of GS to read from.

Return value

The memory contents of the byte, word, double word, or quadword (as indicated by the name of the function called) at the location GS:[Offset].


Intrinsic Architecture
__readgsbyte x64
__readgsdword x64
__readgsqword x64
__readgsword x64

Header file <intrin.h>


These routines are only available as an intrinsic.

END Microsoft Specific

See also

__writegsbyte, __writegsdword, __writegsqword, __writegsword
Compiler intrinsics