Common Dialog Classes

In addition to class CDialog, MFC supplies several classes derived from CDialog that encapsulate commonly used dialog boxes, as shown in the following table. The dialog boxes encapsulated are called the "common dialog boxes" and are part of the Windows common dialog library (COMMDLG.DLL). The dialog-template resources and code for these classes are provided in the Windows common dialog boxes that are part of Windows versions 3.1 and later.

Common Dialog Classes

Derived dialog class Purpose
CColorDialog Lets user select colors.
CFileDialog Lets user select a filename to open or to save.
CFindReplaceDialog Lets user initiate a find or replace operation in a text file.
CFontDialog Lets user specify a font.
CPrintDialog Lets user specify information for a print job.
CPrintDialogEx Windows Print property sheet.

For more information about the common dialog classes, see the individual class names in the MFC Reference. MFC also supplies a number of standard dialog classes used for OLE. For information about these classes, see the base class, COleDialog, in the MFC Reference.

Three other classes in MFC have dialog-like characteristics. For information about classes CFormView, CRecordView, and CDaoRecordView, see the classes in the MFC Reference. For information about class CDialogBar, see Dialog Bars.

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