MFC Application Wizard

The MFC Application Wizard generates an application that, when compiled, implements the basic features of a Windows executable (.exe) application. The MFC starter application includes C++ source (.cpp) files, resource (.rc) files, header (.h) files, and a project (.vcxproj) file. The code that is generated in these starter files is based on MFC.


Depending on the options that you select, the wizard creates additional files in your project. For example, if you select Context-sensitive help on the Advanced Features page, the wizard creates the files that are necessary to compile the project's Help files. For more information about the files that the wizard creates, see File Types Created for Visual Studio C++ projects, and see the Readme.txt file in the project.


This wizard page describes the current application settings for the MFC application that you're creating. By default, the wizard creates a project as follows:

To change these default settings, select the appropriate tab title in the left column of the wizard and make the changes on the page that appears.

After you create an MFC application project, you can add objects or controls to your project using Visual C++ code wizards.

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