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Slider Control Styles

Slider controls (CSliderCtrl) can have either a vertical or horizontal orientation. They can have tick marks on either side, both sides, or neither. They can also be used to specify a range of consecutive values. These properties are controlled by using slider control styles, which you specify when you create the slider control.

The TBS_HORZ and TBS_VERT styles determine the orientation of the slider control. If you do not specify an orientation, the slider control is oriented horizontally.

The TBS_AUTOTICKS style creates a slider control that has a tick mark for each increment in its range of values. These tick marks are added automatically when you call the SetRange member function. If you do not specify TBS_AUTOTICKS, you can use member functions, such as SetTic and SetTicFreq, to specify the positions of the tick marks. To create a slider control that does not display tick marks, you can use the TBS_NOTICKS style.

You can display tick marks on either or both sides of the slider control. For horizontal slider controls, you can specify the TBS_BOTTOM or TBS_TOP style. For vertical slider controls, you can specify the TBS_RIGHT or TBS_LEFT style. (TBS_BOTTOM and TBS_RIGHT are the default settings.) For tick marks on both sides of the slider control in any orientation, specify the TBS_BOTH style.

A slider control can display a selection range only if you specify the TBS_ENABLESELRANGE style when you create it. When a slider control has this style, the tick marks at the starting and ending positions of a selection range are displayed as triangles (instead of vertical dashes) and the selection range is highlighted. For example, selection ranges might be useful in a simple scheduling application. The user could select a range of tick marks corresponding to hours in a day to identify a scheduled meeting time.

By default, the length of a slider control's slider varies as the selection range changes. If the slider control has the TBS_FIXEDLENGTH style, the length of the slider remains the same even if the selection range changes. A slider control that has the TBS_NOTHUMB style does not include a slider.

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