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Technical Notes by Category

Technical notes are divided into the following categories. For a numerical listing of the technical notes, see Technical Notes by Number.

MFC and Windows

TN001: Window Class Registration
TN003: Mapping of Windows Handles to Objects
TN017: Destroying Window Objects
TN051: Using CTL3D Now and in the Future

MFC Architecture

TN002: Persistent Object Data Format
TN006: Message Maps
TN016: Using C++ Multiple Inheritance with MFC
TN021: Command and Message Routing
TN022: Standard Commands Implementation
TN025: Document, View, and Frame Creation
TN026: DDX and DDV Routines
TN029: Splitter Windows
TN030: Customizing Printing and Print Preview
TN031: Control Bars
TN032: MFC Exception Mechanism
TN037: Multithreaded MFC 2.1 Applications
TN044: MFC Support for DBCS
TN046: Commenting Conventions for the MFC Classes
TN058: MFC Module State Implementation
TN059: Using MFC MBCS/Unicode Conversion Macros
TN066: Common MFC 3.x to 4.0 Porting Issues

MFC Controls

TN014: Custom Controls
TN060: Windows Common Controls
TN061: ON_NOTIFY and WM_NOTIFY Messages
TN062: Message Reflection for Windows Controls

MFC Database

TN042: ODBC Driver Developer Recommendations
TN043: RFX Routines
TN045: MFC/Database Support for Long Varchar/Varbinary
TN047: Relaxing Database Transaction Requirements
TN048: Writing ODBC Setup and Administration Programs for MFC Database Applications
TN053: Custom DFX Routines for MFC DAO Classes
TN054: Calling DAO Directly While Using MFC DAO Classes
TN055: Migrating MFC ODBC Database Class Applications to MFC DAO Classes
TN068: Performing Transactions with the Microsoft Access 7 ODBC Driver


TN011: Using MFC as Part of a DLL
TN033: DLL Version of MFC
TN056: Installation of Localized MFC Components
TN057: Localization of MFC Components


TN038: MFC/OLE IUnknown Implementation
TN039: MFC/OLE Automation Implementation
TN040: MFC/OLE In-Place Resizing and Zooming
TN041: MFC/OLE1 Migration to MFC/OLE2
TN049: MFC/OLE MBCS to Unicode Translation Layer (MFCANS32)
TN050: MFC/OLE Common Dialogs (MFCUIx32)
TN064: Apartment-Model Threading in OLE Controls
TN065: Dual-Interface Support for OLE Automation Servers
TN071: MFC IOleCommandTarget Implementation

MFC Resources

TN020: ID Naming and Numbering Conventions
TN023: Standard MFC Resources
TN024: MFC-Defined Messages and Resources
TN028: Context-Sensitive Help Support
TN035: Using Multiple Resource Files and Header Files with Visual C++
TN036: Using CFormView with AppWizard and ClassWizard
TN070: MFC Window Class Names

MFC Internet

TN063: Debugging Internet MFC extension DLLs