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Using Views

The view's responsibilities are to display the document's data graphically to the user and to accept and interpret user input as operations on the document. Your tasks in writing your view class are to:

  • Write your view class's OnDraw member function, which renders the document's data.

  • Connect appropriate Windows messages and user-interface objects such as menu items to message-handler member functions in the view class.

  • Implement those handlers to interpret user input.

In addition, you may need to override other CView member functions in your derived view class. In particular, you may want to override OnInitialUpdate to perform special initialization for the view and OnUpdate to do any special processing needed just before the view redraws itself. For multipage documents, you also must override OnPreparePrinting to initialize the Print dialog box with the number of pages to print and other information. For more information on overriding CView member functions, see class CView in the MFC Reference.

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