conform pragma

C++ Specific

Specifies the run-time behavior of the /Zc:forScope compiler option.


#pragma conform( name [ , show ] [ , { on | off } ] [ [ , { push | pop } ] [ , identifier [ , { on | off } ] ] ] )


Specifies the name of the compiler option to be modified. The only valid name is forScope.

(Optional) Causes the current setting of name (true or false) to be displayed by means of a warning message during compilation. For example, #pragma conform(forScope, show).

on, off
(Optional) Setting name to on enables the /Zc:forScope compiler option. The default is off.

(Optional) Pushes the current value of name onto the internal compiler stack. If you specify identifier, you can specify the on or off value for name to be pushed onto the stack. For example, #pragma conform(forScope, push, myname, on).

(Optional) Sets the value of name to the value at the top of the internal compiler stack and then pops the stack. If identifier is specified with pop, the stack will be popped back until it finds the record with identifier, which will also be popped; the current value for name in the next record on the stack becomes the new value for name. If you specify pop with an identifier that is not in a record on the stack, the pop is ignored.

(Optional) Can be included with a push or pop command. If identifier is used, then an on or off specifier can also be used.


// pragma_directive_conform.cpp
// compile with: /W1
// C4811 expected
#pragma conform(forScope, show)
#pragma conform(forScope, push, x, on)
#pragma conform(forScope, push, x1, off)
#pragma conform(forScope, push, x2, off)
#pragma conform(forScope, push, x3, off)
#pragma conform(forScope, show)
#pragma conform(forScope, pop, x1)
#pragma conform(forScope, show)

int main() {}

See also

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