#import attributes (C++)

Provides links to attributes used with the #import directive.

Microsoft Specific

The following attributes are available to the #import directive.

Attribute Description
auto_rename Renames C++ reserved words by appending two underscores (__) to the variable name to resolve potential name conflicts.
auto_search Specifies that, when a type library is referenced with #import and itself references another type library, the compiler can do an implicit #import for the other type library.
embedded_idl Specifies that the type library is written to the .tlh file with the attribute-generated code preserved.
exclude Excludes items from the type library header files being generated.
high_method_prefix Specifies a prefix to be used in naming high-level properties and methods.
high_property_prefixes Specifies alternate prefixes for three property methods.
implementation_only Suppresses the generation of the .tlh header file (the primary header file).
include() Disables automatic exclusion.
inject_statement Inserts its argument as source text into the type-library header.
named_guids Tells the compiler to define and initialize GUID variables in old style, of the form LIBID_MyLib, CLSID_MyCoClass, IID_MyInterface, and DIID_MyDispInterface.
no_auto_exclude Disables automatic exclusion.
no_dual_interfaces Changes the way the compiler generates wrapper functions for dual interface methods.
no_implementation Suppresses the generation of the .tli header, which contains the implementations of the wrapper member functions.
no_namespace Specifies that the namespace name is not generated by the compiler.
no_registry Tells the compiler not to search the registry for type libraries.
no_search_namespace Has the same functionality as the no_namespace attribute but is used on type libraries that you use the #import directive with the auto_search attribute.
no_smart_pointers Suppresses the creation of smart pointers for all interfaces in the type library.
raw_dispinterfaces Tells the compiler to generate low-level wrapper functions for dispinterface methods and properties that call IDispatch::Invoke and return the HRESULT error code.
raw_interfaces_only Suppresses the generation of error-handling wrapper functions and property declarations that use those wrapper functions.
raw_method_prefix Specifies a different prefix to avoid name collisions.
raw_native_types Disables the use of COM support classes in the high-level wrapper functions and forces the use of low-level data types instead.
raw_property_prefixes Specifies alternate prefixes for three property methods.
rename Works around name collision problems.
rename_namespace Renames the namespace that contains the contents of the type library.
rename_search_namespace Has the same functionality as the rename_namespace attribute but is used on type libraries that you use the #import directive with the auto_search attribute.
tlbid Allows for loading libraries other than the primary type library.

END Microsoft Specific

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