View, use, and share certificates and achievements

About digital certificates and achievements

Sharing your Microsoft Certifications through your Microsoft Learn profile is proof that you’ve met the requirements for earning that certification. More than that, they’re a symbol of that you have demonstrated business critical skills as well as your commitment to keeping pace with technology. Share your certification on your LinkedIn profile and, career-related social media posts and add a personalized link in your email signature. Your certification is a trusted and recognized validation of your achievement.

Certification certificates can be downloaded and printed for your records (or framed on your wall so they’re visible in your next video call… and your mom might like a copy, too!)

View and share your Microsoft Certifications on Learn

  1. Sign into your Learn profile
  2. Click on the photo avatar and select Profile from the dropdown menu
  3. Select Certifications from the menu inside your profile
  4. Scroll to the certification that you’d like to access and select “View certification details” below the description
  5. Under the certification title, there are three options: “Print”, “Edit display name” and “Share
  6. If you’d like to share your certification, select “Share.” Select the location to which you want to share your certification
  7. If you want others to be able to verify your shared certification, set your Learn profile view to public

NOTE: To share your Microsoft Certifications, ensure you have connected your Microsoft Certification profile to your Learn profile.

Exams eligible for a certification

We issue certifications for all active exams in the Microsoft Certification program.

NOTE: Certifications are not available for some legacy exams. If you don’t see a certification for a legacy exam in your Learn profile, we did not issue one for that exam.

FAQs - Sharing and verifying Microsoft Certifications

How do I share my Microsoft Certification?

You can share your certifications via Email, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can also generate a unique link from your Learn profile. Simply select “Certifications” in your profile, select the certification you would like to share, and click the “Share” link.

How do I know that my certification is verified?

Once you have completed the requirements to earn a Microsoft Certification, it will be added to your Learn profile under “Certifications.” Verified certifications will have an Online Verifiable tag.

How do I know which of my certifications can be verified?

Certifications that can be verified from the Learn profile will show “Online Verifiable” in the certification details. Certifications that are not “Online Verifiable” are available in your Microsoft transcript for viewing, sharing, and verification.

Does my Learn profile need to be public to share my Microsoft certifications?

You can share your certifications with your Learn profile in either public or private view. However, to ensure your shared certification can be verified, your Learn profile must be in public view.

What if I don’t want my Microsoft certification to be made public?

You’re in control of how and when your certifications are shared. Adjust the privacy settings in your Learn profile at any time to make your profile and certifications public or private.

My certification looks different from the ones I’ve earned previously. What changed?

We updated our certification image to capture more relevant information related to your certification. The new design serves the same purpose as the previous design.

What is happening with Credly?

Microsoft is introducing new features to the Microsoft Learn profile, providing learners with more flexible options for viewing and sharing their Microsoft Certifications directly from Microsoft Learn. With this feature release, Credly badge services will no longer be used for most Microsoft Certifications.

All your new and previously earned Microsoft Certifications will automatically be associated with your Learn profile. Once you’ve connected your Microsoft certification profile to your Learn Profile, you can view and share all of your Microsoft Certifications from your Learn profile.

Microsoft Certifications earned and claimed on Credly before June 30, 2023, will be available for viewing and sharing through Credly until June 30, 2024. However, your Microsoft Certifications on Credly will no longer be kept current or updated as you pass renewal exams or earn new Microsoft Certifications. The only exception is Microsoft Certifications issued by Certiport which will still be managed and updated on Credly indefinitely.

What if I earned a Microsoft Certification through Certiport but have not yet received my badge through Credly?

Please contact Certiport to inquire about your missing badge.

Missing badges from Certiport can sometimes occur if you have two accounts in Certiport’s certification system

Can I share a certification after it has been retired?

If you earned a certification that has been retired, you can still view and share it through your Microsoft Learn profile. The certification will still be available on your Microsoft Learn transcript as well.

Why can’t I share exams that I have passed?

Passing most exams results in a certification that can be shared. However, a few certifications require passing multiple exams; once you fulfill the requirements of earning a certification, you will be able to share it.

NOTE: All the exams you passed will be viewable on your Microsoft Learn transcript. You can share your transcript, and it can be verified.

How do I receive college credit for a Microsoft Certification?

The process for receiving college credits for Microsoft Certifications earned or claimed after June 30, 2023 has changed. For information regarding earing college credit for Microsoft Certifications, please visit: College credit for certification exams

Who can I talk to if I’m having trouble with viewing or sharing my Microsoft certification?

Visit: Credentials support.