Use virtual network data gateway and data sources in Power BI

Virtual network data gateways allow import or direct query datasets to connect to data services within an Azure VNet without the need of an on-premises data gateway.


Virtual network data gateways is a Premium and Embedded feature, and will be available only in Power BI Premium workspaces, Premium Per User (PPU), and Power BI Embedded for public preview. However, licensing requirements might change when VNet data gateways become generally available.

Manage Virtual network data gateways

You can manage admins for a virtual network (VNet) data gateway like you do for standard data gateways either in the Power Platform admin center or on the Manage gateways page in Power BI.

Manage VNet data gateways.

Manage data sources

You can also create data sources and share these data sources to users like you do today for data sources created on the standard data gateway.

Manage data source.

Supported Azure data services

In the current release, VNet data gateways will support connectivity to the following data sources:

  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Azure Databricks
  • Azure Data Explorer (Kusto)
  • Azure Table Storage
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure HDInsight (Spark)
  • Azure Data Lake (Gen2)
  • Cosmos DB
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance (MI)
  • Snowflake on Azure
  • PostgreSQL

Azure Active Directory single sign-on for Direct Query

When a user interacts with a DirectQuery report in the Power BI Service, each cross-filter, slice, sort, and report editing operation can result in queries that execute live against the underlying Azure VNet data source. When you configure single sign-on (SSO) for an applicable data source, queries execute under the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) identity of the user that interacts with Power BI.

To enable Azure AD SSO, on the Manage Gateways page in Power BI, go to the Data source setting page, and select the Use SSO via Azure AD for Direct Queries check box.

Azure AD SSO for Direct Query.

Use virtual network (VNet) data gateways in Power BI datasets

A Power BI report maker or creator can now publish a report and associate the dataset to the VNet data gateway data source.

Use in Power BI datasets.