Adds calculated columns to the given table or table expression.


ADDCOLUMNS(<table>, <name>, <expression>[, <name>, <expression>]…)  


Term Definition
table Any DAX expression that returns a table of data.
name The name given to the column, enclosed in double quotes.
expression Any DAX expression that returns a scalar expression, evaluated for each row of table.

Return value

A table with all its original columns and the added ones.


This function is not supported for use in DirectQuery mode when used in calculated columns or row-level security (RLS) rules.


The following example returns an extended version of the Product Category table that includes total sales values from the reseller channel and the internet sales.

               , "Internet Sales", SUMX(RELATEDTABLE(InternetSales_USD), InternetSales_USD[SalesAmount_USD])  
               , "Reseller Sales", SUMX(RELATEDTABLE(ResellerSales_USD), ResellerSales_USD[SalesAmount_USD]))  

The following table shows a preview of the data as it would be received by any function expecting to receive a table:

ProductCategory[ProductCategoryName] ProductCategory[ProductCategoryAlternateKey] ProductCategory[ProductCategoryKey] [Internet Sales] [Reseller Sales]
Bikes 1 1 25107749.77 63084675.04
Components 2 2 11205837.96
Clothing 3 3 306157.5829 1669943.267
Accessories 4 4 640920.1338 534301.9888