Applies to: Calculated column Calculated table Measure Visual calculation

Checks whether a value is blank, and returns TRUE or FALSE.




Term Definition
value The value or expression you want to test.

Return value

A Boolean value of TRUE if the value is blank; otherwise FALSE.


To learn more about best practices when working with BLANKS, see Avoid converting BLANKs to values in DAX.


This formula computes the increase or decrease ratio in sales compared to the previous year. The example uses the IF function to check the value for the previous year's sales in order to avoid a divide by zero error.

//Sales to Previous Year Ratio  
= IF( ISBLANK('CalculatedMeasures'[PreviousYearTotalSales])  
   , BLANK()  
   , ( 'CalculatedMeasures'[Total Sales]-'CalculatedMeasures'[PreviousYearTotalSales] )  


Row Labels Total Sales Total Sales Previous Year Sales to Previous Year Ratio
2005 $10,209,985.08
2006 $28,553,348.43 $10,209,985.08 179.66%
2007 $39,248,847.52 $28,553,348.43 37.46%
2008 $24,542,444.68 $39,248,847.52 -37.47%
Grand Total $102,554,625.71

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