Returns the largest value in a column, or between two scalar expressions.


MAX(<expression1>, <expression2>)


Term Definition
column The column in which you want to find the largest value.
expression Any DAX expression which returns a single value.

Return value

The largest value.


  • When comparing two expressions, blank is treated as 0 when comparing. That is, Max(1, Blank() ) returns 1, and Max( -1, Blank() ) returns 0. If both arguments are blank, MAX returns a blank. If either expression returns a value which is not allowed, MAX returns an error.

  • TRUE/FALSE values are not supported. If you want to evaluate a column of TRUE/FALSE values, use the MAXA function.

Example 1

The following example returns the largest value found in the ExtendedAmount column of the InternetSales table.

= MAX(InternetSales[ExtendedAmount])  

Example 2

The following example returns the largest value between the result of two expressions.

= Max([TotalSales], [TotalPurchases])

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