Applies to: Calculated column Calculated table Measure Visual calculation

Repeats text a given number of times. Use REPT to fill a cell with a number of instances of a text string.


REPT(<text>, <num_times>)  


Term Definition
text The text you want to repeat.
num_times A positive number specifying the number of times to repeat text.

Return value

A string containing the changes.


  • If number_times is 0 (zero), REPT returns a blank.

  • If number_times is not an integer, it is truncated.

  • The result of the REPT function cannot be longer than 32,767 characters, or REPT returns an error.

Example: Repeating Literal Strings

The following example returns the string, 85, repeated three times.

= REPT("85",3)  

Example: Repeating Column Values

The following example returns the string in the column, [MyText], repeated for the number of times in the column, [MyNumber]. Because the formula extends for the entire column, the resulting string depends on the text and number value in each row.

= REPT([MyText],[MyNumber])  
MyText MyNumber CalculatedColumn1
Text 2 TextText
Number 0
85 3 858585

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