Generate block script - Cloud Discovery API


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This request is not available for Office 365 Cloud App Security.

Run the GET request to get a block script for your network appliance.

HTTP request

GET /api/discovery_block_scripts/

Request URL parameters

Parameter Description
format The format of the network appliance.

The following formats are currently supported:

Appliance Format
BlueCoat ProxySG 102
Cisco ASA 104
Fortinet FortiGate 108
Juniper SRX 129
Palo Alto 112
Websense 135
Zscaler 120


If you can't find your appliance, generate a block script manually using the portal.


This request returns the block script as text.



Here is an example of the request.

curl -XGET -H "Authorization:Token <your_token_key>" "https://<tenant_id>.<tenant_region>"

Response deny deny deny

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