List - Entities API


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This request is not available for Microsoft 365 Cloud App Security.

Run the GET or POST request to fetch a list of entities matching the specified filters.

HTTP request

GET /api/v1/entities/
POST /api/v1/entities/

Request BODY parameters

Parameter Description
filters Filter objects with all the search filters for the request, see entity filters for more details
sortDirection The sorting direction. Possible values are: asc and desc
sortField Fields used to sort entities. Possible values are:
- date: The date when then the entity was created
- severity: The severity of the entity
skip Skips the specified number of records
limit Maximum number of records returned by the request



Here is an example of the request.

curl -XPOST -H "Authorization:Token <your_token_key>" -H "Content-Type: application/json" "https://<tenant_id>.<tenant_region>" -d '{
  "filters": {
    // some filters
  "skip": 5,
  "limit": 10


Returns a list of activities in JSON format.

  "total": 5 // total number of records
  "hasNext": true // whether there is more data to show or not.
  "data": [
    // returned records

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