App governance visibility and insights

Use app governance to gain visibility and meaningful insights on your app ecosystem.

For example, view a list of the OAuth-enabled apps registered to Azure Active Directory in your tenant, and react or respond to a rich view on app activities.

Required administrator roles

For more information, see App governance roles.

Visibility and insight scope

App governance provides access to the following data:

  • A dashboard of all insights on the App governance > Overview tab

  • Data accessed and permissions used by all apps with workload and user level insights.

  • App information and metadata, such as Graph API and legacy permissions, registration date, and certification.

  • Publisher information and metadata, such as name and verification status.

  • Usage of top resources, such emails and files across the tenant.

  • A cumulative view of users accessing apps.

  • Insights on alerts, policies, and the following entities:

    • High-privileged apps.
    • Overprivileged apps.
    • High-usage apps.
    • Top consented users whose data a specific app can access.
    • Priority accounts who have data that a specific app can access.
    • OAuth applications that have accessed sensitive or regular content on SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange Online, or Teams.

Also use the App governance page to:

  • Drill down to a single app details page, with all associated insights
  • Understand top users and priority accounts based on app governance data
  • Export a list of your apps plus respective insights

Limitations to Microsoft 365 activity insights

To provide insights into how OAuth apps use Microsoft 365 data, including data with sensitivity labels, app governance tracks a set of commonly used Graph API operations.

While these insights don’t cover all app activity on Microsoft 365, they can flag risky behavior associated with increased data usage and access to potentially sensitive data.

To get detailed information about app activity on Microsoft 365, search the Microsoft Purview audit log. For more information, see Microsoft Purview documentation.

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