Connect Google Workspace to Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps


Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps (previously known as Microsoft Cloud App Security) is now part of Microsoft 365 Defender. The Microsoft 365 Defender portal allows security admins to perform their security tasks in one location. This will simplify workflows, and add the functionality of the other Microsoft 365 Defender services. Microsoft 365 Defender will be the home for monitoring and managing security across your Microsoft identities, data, devices, apps, and infrastructure. For more information about these changes, see Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps in Microsoft 365 Defender.

This article provides instructions for connecting Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps to your existing Google Workspace account using the connector APIs. This connection gives you visibility into and control over Google Workspace use. For information about how Defender for Cloud Apps protects Google Workspace, see Protect Google Workspace.


File download activities for Google Workspace aren't displayed in Defender for Cloud Apps.

Configure Google Workspace

  1. As a Google Workspace Super Admin, sign in to

  2. Select the project dropdown in the top ribbon and then select New Project to start a new project.

    New Project

  3. In the New project page, name your project as follows: Defender for Cloud Apps and select Create.

    Name your project.

  4. After the project is created, select the created project from the top ribbon. Copy the Project number, you'll need it later.

    Copy the project number.

  5. In the navigation menu, go to APIs & Services > Library. Enable the following APIs (use the search bar if the API isn't listed):

    • Admin SDK API
    • Google Drive API
  6. In the navigation menu, go to APIs & Services > Credentials and do the following steps:


      Select create credentials.

    2. Select Service Account.

    3. Service account details: Provide the name as Defender for Cloud Apps and description as API connector from Defender for Cloud Apps to a Google workspace account.



    5. Under Grant this service account access to project, for Role select Project > Editor, and then select Done.


    6. In the navigation menu, return to APIs & Services > Credentials.

    7. Under Service Accounts, locate and edit the service account you created earlier by selecting the pencil icon.


    8. Copy the email address. You'll need it later.

    9. Navigate to KEYS from the top ribbon.


    10. From the ADD KEY menu, select Create new key.

    11. Select P12, and then select CREATE. Save the downloaded file and the password required to use the file.


  7. In the navigation menu, go to IAM & Admin > Service accounts. Copy the Client ID assigned to the service account you have just created - you'll need it later.


  8. Go to and in the navigation menu, go to Security > Access and data control > API Controls. Then do the following:

  9. Under Domain wide delegation, select MANAGE DOMAIN WIDE DELEGATION.


  10. Select Add new.

  11. In the Client ID box, enter the Client ID that you copied earlier.

  12. In the OAuth Scopes box, enter the following list of required scopes (copy the text and paste it in the box):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  13. Select AUTHORIZE.

Google Workspace authorize new client ID.

Configure Defender for Cloud Apps

  1. In the Defender for Cloud Apps portal, select Investigate and then Connected apps.

  2. To provide the Google Workspace connection details, under App connectors, do one of the following:

    For a Google Workspace organization that already has a connected GCP instance

    • In the list of connectors, at the end of row in which the GCP instance appears, select the three dots and then select Add Google Workspace.

    For a Google Workspace organization that does not already have a connected GCP instance

    • In the Connected apps page, select the plus sign (+) and select Google Workspace.
  3. In the pop-up, fill in the following information:

    Google Workspace Configuration in Defender for Cloud Apps.

    1. Enter the Service account ID, the Email that you copied earlier.

    2. Enter the Project number (App ID) that you copied earlier.

    3. Upload the P12 Certificate file that you saved earlier.

    4. Enter one admin account email of your Google Workspace admin.

    5. If you have a Google Workspace Business or Enterprise account, check this check box. For information about which features are available in Defender for Cloud Apps for Google Workspace Business or Enterprise, see Enable instant visibility, protection, and governance actions for your apps.

    6. Select Save settings.

    7. Make sure the connection succeeded by selecting Test now.
      Testing may take a couple of minutes.
      After receiving a success notice, select Done and close the Google Workspace page.

After connecting Google Workspace, you'll receive events for seven days prior to connection.

After connecting Google Workspace, Defender for Cloud Apps performs a full scan. Depending on how many files and users you have, completing the full scan can take a while. To enable near real-time scanning, files on which activity is detected are moved to the beginning of the scan queue. For example, a file that is edited, updated, or shared is scanned right away. This doesn't apply to files that aren't inherently modified. For example, files that are viewed, previewed, printed, or exported are scanned during the regular scan.

If you have any problems connecting the app, see Troubleshooting App Connectors.

Next steps

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