Alerts queue in Microsoft Defender XDR

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Learn how you can view and manage the queue so that you can effectively investigate threats seen on entities such as devices, files, or user accounts.

In this section

Topic Description
View and organize the Alerts queue Shows a list of alerts that were flagged in your network.
Manage alerts Learn about how you can manage alerts such as change its status, assign it to a security operations member, and see the history of an alert.
Investigate alerts Investigate alerts that are affecting your network, understand what they mean, and how to resolve them.
Investigate files Investigate the details of a file associated with a specific alert, behavior, or event.
Investigate devices Investigate the details of a device associated with a specific alert, behavior, or event.
Investigate an IP address Examine possible communication between devices in your network and external internet protocol (IP) addresses.
Investigate a domain Investigate a domain to see if devices and servers in your network have been communicating with a known malicious domain.
Investigate a user account Identify user accounts with the most active alerts and investigate cases of potential compromised credentials.


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