Remediation activity methods and properties

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The API response contains Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management remediation activities that have been created in your tenant.


Method Data type Description
List all remediation activities Investigation collection Returns information about all remediation activities.
List exposed devices of one remediation activity Investigation entity Returns information about exposed devices for the specified remediation activity.
Get one remediation activity by ID Investigation entity Returns information for the specified remediation activity.

Learn more about remediation activities.


Property ID Data type Description
Category String Category of the remediation activity (Software/Security configuration)
completerEmail String If the remediation activity was manually completed by someone, this column contains their email
completerId String If the remediation activity was manually completed by someone, this column contains their object ID
completionMethod String A remediation activity can be completed "automatically" (if all the devices are patched) or "manually" by a person who selects "mark as completed."
createdOn DateTime Time this remediation activity was created
Description String Description of this remediation activity
dueOn DateTime Due date the creator set for this remediation activity
fixedDevices The number of devices that have been fixed
ID String ID of this remediation activity
nameId String Related product name
Priority String Priority the creator set for this remediation activity (High\Medium\Low)
productId String Related product ID
productivityImpactRemediationType String A few configuration changes could be requested only for devices that don't affect users. This value indicates the selection between "all exposed devices" or "only devices with no user impact."
rbacGroupNames String Related device group names
recommendedProgram String Recommended program to upgrade to
recommendedVendor String Recommended vendor to upgrade to
recommendedVersion String Recommended version to update/upgrade to
relatedComponent String Related component of this remediation activity (similar to the related component for a security recommendation)
requesterEmail String Creator email address
requesterId String Creator object ID
requesterNotes String The notes (free text) the creator added for this remediation activity
Scid String SCID of the related security recommendation
Status String Remediation activity status (Active/Completed)
statusLastModifiedOn DateTime Date when the status field was updated
targetDevices Long Number of exposed devices that this remediation is applicable to
Title String Title of this remediation activity
Type String Remediation type
vendorId String Related vendor name

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