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Defender for Endpoint supports third-party applications to help enhance the detection, investigation, and threat intelligence capabilities of the platform.

The support for third-party solutions helps to further streamline, integrate, and orchestrate defenses from other vendors with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint; enabling security teams to effectively respond better to modern threats.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint seamlessly integrates with existing security solutions. The integration provides integration with the following solutions such as:

  • SIEM
  • Ticketing and IT service management solutions
  • Managed security service providers (MSSP)
  • IoC indicators ingestions and matching
  • Automated device investigation and remediation based on external alerts
  • Integration with Security orchestration and automation response (SOAR) systems

Supported applications

Security information and analytics

Logo Partner name Description
Logo for AttackIQ. AttackIQ Platform AttackIQ Platform validates Defender for Endpoint is configured properly by launching continuous attacks safely on production assets
Logo for Microsoft Sentinel. AzureSentinel Stream alerts from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint into Microsoft Sentinel
Logo for Cymulate. Cymulate Correlate Defender for Endpoint findings with simulated attacks to validate accurate detection and effective response actions
Logo for Elastic security. Elastic Security Elastic Security is a free and open solution for preventing, detecting, and responding to threats
Logo for IBM QRadar. IBM QRadar Configure IBM QRadar to collect detections from Defender for Endpoint
Logo for Micro Focus ArcSight. Micro Focus ArcSight Use Micro Focus ArcSight to pull Defender for Endpoint detections
Logo for RSA NetWitness. RSA NetWitness Stream Defender for Endpoint Alerts to RSA NetWitness using Microsoft Graph Security API
Logo for SafeBreach. SafeBreach Gain visibility into Defender for Endpoint security events that are automatically correlated with SafeBreach simulations
Logo for Skybox Vulnerability Control. Skybox Vulnerability Control Skybox Vulnerability Control cuts through the noise of vulnerability management, correlating business, network, and threat context to uncover your riskiest vulnerabilities
Logo for Splunk. Splunk The Defender for Endpoint Add-on allows Splunk users to ingest all of the alerts and supporting information to their Splunk
Logo for XM Cyber. XM Cyber Prioritize your response to an alert based on risk factors and high value assets

Orchestration and automation

Logo Partner name Description
Logo for Fortinet. Fortinet FortiSOAR Fortinet FortiSOAR is a holistic Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) workbench, designed for SOC teams to efficiently respond to the ever-increasing influx of alerts, repetitive manual processes, and shortage of resources. It pulls together all of organization's tools, helps unify operations and reduces alert fatigue, context switching, and the mean time to respond to incidents.
Logo for Delta Risk ActiveEye. Delta Risk ActiveEye Delta Risk, a leading provider of SOC-as-a-Service and security services, integrate Defender for Endpoint with its cloud-native SOAR platform, ActiveEye.
Logo for Demisto, a Palo Alto Networks Company. Demisto, a Palo Alto Networks Company Demisto integrates with Defender for Endpoint to enable security teams to orchestrate and automate endpoint security monitoring, enrichment, and response
Logo for Microsoft Flow & Azure Functions. Microsoft Flow & Azure Functions Use the Defender for Endpoint connectors for Azure Logic Apps & Microsoft Flow to automating security procedures
Logo for Rapid7 InsightConnect. Rapid7 InsightConnect InsightConnect integrates with Defender for Endpoint to accelerate, streamline, and integrate your time-intensive security processes
Logo for ServiceNow. ServiceNow Ingest alerts into ServiceNow Security Operations solution based on Microsoft Graph API integration
Logo for Swimlane. Swimlane Maximize incident response capabilities utilizing Swimlane and Defender for Endpoint together

Threat intelligence

Logo Partner name Description
Logo for MISP Malware Information Sharing Platform)logo. MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform) Integrate threat indicators from the Open Source Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform into your Defender for Endpoint environment
Logo for Palo Alto Networks. Palo Alto Networks Enrich your endpoint protection by extending Autofocus and other threat feeds to Defender for Endpoint using MineMeld
Logo for ThreatConnect. ThreatConnect Alert and/or block on custom threat intelligence from ThreatConnect Playbooks using Defender for Endpoint indicators

Network security

Logo Partner name Description
Logo for Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager. Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager Ensure Defender for Endpoint is installed and updated on each endpoint before allowing access to the network
Logo for Blue Hexagon for Network. Blue Hexagon for Network Blue Hexagon has built the industry's first real-time deep learning platform for network threat protection
Logo for CyberMDX. CyberMDX Cyber MDX integrates comprehensive healthcare assets visibility, threat prevention and repose into your Defender for Endpoint environment
Logo for HYAS Protect. HYAS Protect HYAS Protect utilizes authoritative knowledge of attacker infrastructure to proactively protect Microsoft Defender for Endpoint endpoints from cyberattacks
Logo for Vectra Network Detection and Response (NDR). Vectra Network Detection and Response (NDR) Vectra applies AI & security research to detect and respond to cyber-attacks in real time

Cross platform

Logo Partner name Description
Logo for Bitdefender. Bitdefender Bitdefender GravityZone is a layered next generation endpoint protection platform offering comprehensive protection against the full spectrum of sophisticated cyber threats
Logo for Better Mobile. Better Mobile AI-based MTD solution to stop mobile threats & phishing. Private internet browsing to protect user privacy
Logo for Corrata. Corrata Mobile solution - Protect your mobile devices with granular visibility and control from Corrata
Logo for Lookout. Lookout Get Lookout Mobile Threat Protection telemetry for Android and iOS mobile devices
Logo for Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile. Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile SEP Mobile helps businesses predict, detect, and prevent security threats and vulnerabilities on mobile devices
Logo for Zimperium. Zimperium Extend your Defender for Endpoint to iOS and Android with Machine Learning-based Mobile Threat Defense

Other integrations

Logo Partner name Description
Logo for Cyren Web Filter. Cyren Web Filter Enhance your Defender for Endpoint with advanced Web Filtering
Logo for Morphisec. Morphisec Provides Moving Target Defense-powered advanced threat prevention. Integrates forensics data directly into WD Defender for Cloud dashboards to help prioritize alerts, determine device at-risk score and visualize full attack timeline including internal memory information
Logo for THOR Cloud. THOR Cloud Provides on-demand live forensics scans using a signature base with focus on persistent threats

SIEM integration

Defender for Endpoint supports SIEM integration through various of methods. This can include specialized SIEM system interface with out of the box connectors, a generic alert API enabling custom implementations, and an action API enabling alert status management.

Ticketing and IT service management

Ticketing solution integration helps to implement manual and automatic response processes. Defender for Endpoint can help to create tickets automatically when an alert is generated and resolve the alerts when tickets are closed using the alerts API.

Security orchestration and automation response (SOAR) integration

Orchestration solutions can help build playbooks and integrate the rich data model and actions that Defender for Endpoint APIs exposes to orchestrate responses, such as query for device data, trigger device isolation, block/allow, resolve alert and others.

External alert correlation and Automated investigation and remediation

Defender for Endpoint offers unique automated investigation and remediation capabilities to drive incident response at scale.

Integrating the automated investigation and response capability with other solutions such as IDS and firewalls help to address alerts and minimize the complexities surrounding network and device signal correlation, effectively streamlining the investigation and threat remediation actions on devices.

External alerts can be pushed to Defender for Endpoint. These alerts are shown side by side with additional device-based alerts from Defender for Endpoint. This view provides a full context of the alert and can reveal the full story of an attack.

Indicators matching

You can use threat-intelligence from providers and aggregators to maintain and use indicators of compromise (IOCs).

Defender for Endpoint allows you to integrate with these solutions and act on IoCs by correlating rich telemetry to create alerts. You can also use prevention and automated response capabilities to block execution and take remediation actions when there's a match.

Defender for Endpoint currently supports IOC matching and remediation for file and network indicators. Blocking is supported for file indicators.

Support for non-Windows platforms

Defender for Endpoint provides a centralized security operations experience for Windows and non-Windows platforms, including mobile devices. You'll be able to see alerts from various supported operating systems (OS) in the portal and better protect your organization's network.


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