Microsoft Virus Initiative

The Microsoft Virus Initiative (MVI) helps organizations improve the security solutions our customers rely on to keep them safe. We provide tools, resources, and knowledge to support better-together experiences with great performance, reliability, and compatibility.

Become a member

You can request membership if you're a representative of an organization that develops antimalware technology. Not all applicants are accepted into the program. To be considered for the MVI program, your organization must meet all the following requirements:

  1. Your commercially available security solution must provide real-time protection that detects, prevents, and remediates malicious software.
  2. Your organization is responsible for both developing and distributing updates to end-customers that address compatibility with Windows.
  3. Your organization must be active in the antimalware industry and have a positive reputation, as evidenced by participation in industry conferences, membership in industry organizations, or being reviewed in industry-standard reports such as AV-Comparatives, OPSWAT, or Gartner.
  4. Your organization must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Microsoft.
  5. Your organization must sign a program license agreement.
  6. Your organization must be active in the program and meet all program requirements.
  7. Your security solution must meet all program requirements, which requires use of Trusted Signing.
  8. Your security solution must have been certified within the last 12 months through independent testing by at least one of the organizations listed below. Yearly certification must be maintained.
Test Provider Lab Test Type Minimum Level / Score
AV-Comparatives Real-World Protection Test. Approved rating
AV-Test Must pass tests for Windows. Certifications for Mac and Linux aren't accepted. - AV-TEST Certified (home)
- AV-TEST Approved (corporate)
SKD Labs Certification Requirements Product: Anti-virus or Antimalware. Score >= 98.5% with On Demand, On Access and Total Detection tests
VB 100 VB100 Certification Test V1.1 VB100 Certification
West Coast Labs West Coast Labs Verified Product rating of A or higher with both Malware Detection and Malware Remediation
SE Labs Protection, Small Business, or Enterprise EP Protection Test. - Protection A rating
- Small Business EP A rating
- Enterprise EP Protection A rating

Apply now

If your organization meets these criteria and is interested in joining, apply for membership now. Applications are reviewed monthly.