Customer adoption materials for Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge for Business is now available in Edge stable version 116! Learn more about the new, dedicated work experience with native enterprise grade security, productivity, manageability, and AI built in.

To support the deployment and adoption of Microsoft Edge, see the following collected materials and resources. A zip file of these materials and resources is provided for you to download.

Check back for more materials as they're made available.

Customer adoption kit

The customer adoption kit contains the following material:

  • Internet Explorer Retirement Kit (Available in English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified))
    • Adoption emails
    • Flyers
    • Infographic
    • Site Collection Form
  • General Adoption Kit
    • IT Deployment Guide
    • How to Get Started User Guide
    • Adoption Email Templates
    • Banners
    • Digital Signage
    • One-Pagers
    • Demo Video and GIFs
    • Web Resource Links

The adoption kit is available in English and several other languages, including French, German, and Japanese. Select your preferred language at the Microsoft Edge Customer Adoption Kit download center.

Internet Explorer (IE) Retirement Resources

Find valuable resources and expert guidance to help your organization safely and quickly move from IE to Microsoft Edge.

Internet Explorer Retirement

IT Deployment Guide

Use this guide to begin planning deployment and learn how to get started deploying Microsoft Edge in your environment.

Microsoft Mechanics video series

How to Get Started User Guide

Use this guide to educate users about Microsoft Edge. The guide includes overviews of the UI, menus, and features. We've also included tips to help users get started.

Get Started User Guide How to ...

Adoption Email Templates

Use email to achieve a smooth transition as you rollout Microsoft Edge to end users. We've packaged a set of emails for you to use as an internal campaign. They provide tips and articulate how Microsoft Edge can save time and simplify their workday. The following screenshot shows an example of these templates.

Adoption email templates

Digital Signage

Use the following digital signage to inform users about Microsoft Edge:

  • Enterprise new tab page
  • Multiple Profiles and Cross Platform
  • Microsoft Search in Bing
  • Security

New tab page


Use these banners on your internal sites to advertise Microsoft Edge to your employees.

Banner ads example.


Send or post these one-pagers to help your employees learn about Microsoft Edge and set up the browser for use at work.

One-pager for learning about Microsoft Edge.

Other learning resources

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of Microsoft Edge, visit our webpage.

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