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In-product recommendations in Office

To help you take advantage of the features and functionality of Office, we might provide recommendations to you within an Office product that you’re using. For organizational users, these recommendations may include messages related to productivity products or services that your organization has purchased or licensed, whether or not you're currently using those products or services. For consumer users, these recommendations may also include messages related to productivity products or services that are available to you and that are free to use.

Here are some examples of the types of in-product recommendations that you might see:

  • A recommendation to use PowerPoint Designer to provide you with design ideas as you’re creating slides for a presentation.
  • A recommendation to save your document on OneDrive so that you can easily access the document from other devices.
  • A recommendation to use Excel for iOS or Android so that you can access your files from your mobile device.

Our goal is to provide recommendations that are relevant, timely, and shown in the appropriate context. To provide these recommendations, we might rely on information about the Office products you have purchased, the Office apps that you use, the features and capabilities within those Office apps that you use, or those apps that you're licensed to use but haven’t tried yet. These recommendations aren't based on the actual content that you create while using Office, such as budget projections in an Excel spreadsheet or the text you write in an Outlook email.

For more information, see Privacy at Microsoft.


Consumer users, if they give permission, might also receive personalized offers and discounts. For example, users might see an offer to renew their Microsoft 365 subscription at a discount. For more information, see Personalized offers and discounts based on how you use Office.