Develop .NET applications with AI features

With .NET, you can use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and accomplish complex tasks in your applications using the tools, platforms, and services that are familiar to you.

Why choose .NET to build AI applications?

Millions of developers use .NET to create applications that run on the web, on mobile and desktop devices, or in the cloud. By using .NET to integrate AI into your applications, you can take advantage of all that .NET has to offer:

  • A unified story for building web UIs, APIs, and applications.
  • Develop on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Open-source and community-focused.
  • Runs on top of the most popular web servers and cloud platforms.
  • Powerful tooling to edit, debug, test, and deploy.

What can you build with AI and .NET?

The opportunities with AI are near endless. Here are a few examples of solutions you can build using AI in your .NET applications:

  • Language processing: Create virtual agents / chatbots to talk with your data and generate content and images.
  • Computer vision: Identify objects in an object or video.
  • Audio generation: Use synthesized voices to interact with customers.
  • Classification: Label the severity of a customer-reported issue.
  • Task automation: Automatically perform the next step in a workflow as tasks are completed.

We recommend the following sequence of tutorials and articles for an introduction to developing applications with AI and .NET:

Scenario Tutorial
Create a chat application Build an Azure AI chat app with .NET
Summarize text Summarize text using Azure AI chat app with .NET
Chat with your data Get insight about your data from an .NET Azure AI chat app
Call .NET functions with AI Extend Azure AI using tools and execute a local function with .NET
Generate images Generate images using Azure AI with .NET
Train your own model ML.NET Tutorial

Browse the table of contents to learn more about the core concepts, starting with How generative AI and LLMs work.

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