GlobalAction Enum


Enumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of several types.

public enum GlobalAction
type GlobalAction = 


AccessibilityAllApps 14
AccessibilityButton 11
AccessibilityButtonChooser 12
AccessibilityShortcut 13
Back 1

Action to go back.

DismissNotificationShade 15
DpadCenter 20
DpadDown 17
DpadLeft 18
DpadRight 19
DpadUp 16
Home 2

Action to go home.

KeycodeHeadsetHook 10
LockScreen 8
Notifications 4

Action to open the notifications.

PowerDialog 6
QuickSettings 5

Action to open the quick settings.

Recents 3

Action to open the recent apps.

TakeScreenshot 9
ToggleSplitScreen 7


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