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SQLiteOpenHelper.WritableDatabase Property


Create and/or open a database that will be used for reading and writing.

public virtual Android.Database.Sqlite.SQLiteDatabase? WritableDatabase { [Android.Runtime.Register("getWritableDatabase", "()Landroid/database/sqlite/SQLiteDatabase;", "GetGetWritableDatabaseHandler")] get; }
[<get: Android.Runtime.Register("getWritableDatabase", "()Landroid/database/sqlite/SQLiteDatabase;", "GetGetWritableDatabaseHandler")>]
member this.WritableDatabase : Android.Database.Sqlite.SQLiteDatabase

Property Value

a read/write database object valid until #close is called



if the database cannot be opened for writing


Create and/or open a database that will be used for reading and writing. The first time this is called, the database will be opened and #onCreate, #onUpgrade and/or #onOpen will be called.

Once opened successfully, the database is cached, so you can call this method every time you need to write to the database. (Make sure to call #close when you no longer need the database.) Errors such as bad permissions or a full disk may cause this method to fail, but future attempts may succeed if the problem is fixed.

<p class="caution">Database upgrade may take a long time, you should not call this method from the application main thread, including from android.content.ContentProvider#onCreate ContentProvider.onCreate().

Java documentation for android.database.sqlite.SQLiteOpenHelper.getWritableDatabase().

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