ClientSecretCredentialOptions Class


Options used to configure the ClientSecretCredential.

public class ClientSecretCredentialOptions : Azure.Identity.TokenCredentialOptions
type ClientSecretCredentialOptions = class
    inherit TokenCredentialOptions
Public Class ClientSecretCredentialOptions
Inherits TokenCredentialOptions





For multi-tenant applications, specifies additional tenants for which the credential may acquire tokens. Add the wildcard value "*" to allow the credential to acquire tokens for any tenant in which the application is installed.


The host of the Azure Active Directory authority. The default is For well known authority hosts for Azure cloud instances see AzureAuthorityHosts.

(Inherited from TokenCredentialOptions)

Gets the credential diagnostic options.

(Inherited from TokenCredentialOptions)

Gets or sets the setting which determines whether or not instance discovery is performed when attempting to authenticate. Setting this to true will completely disable both instance discovery and authority validation. This functionality is intended for use in scenarios where the metadata endpoint cannot be reached, such as in private clouds or Azure Stack. The process of instance discovery entails retrieving authority metadata from to validate the authority. By setting this to true, the validation of the authority is disabled. As a result, it is crucial to ensure that the configured authority host is valid and trustworthy."


Gets the client retry options.

(Inherited from ClientOptions)

Gets or sets the policy to use for retries. If a policy is specified, it will be used in place of the Retry property. The RetryPolicy type can be derived from to modify the default behavior without needing to fully implement the retry logic. If Process(HttpMessage, ReadOnlyMemory<HttpPipelinePolicy>) is overriden or a custom HttpPipelinePolicy is specified, it is the implementer's responsibility to update the ProcessingContext values.

(Inherited from ClientOptions)

Specifies the TokenCachePersistenceOptions to be used by the credential. If not options are specified, the token cache will not be persisted to disk.


The HttpPipelineTransport to be used for this client. Defaults to an instance of HttpClientTransport.

(Inherited from ClientOptions)


AddPolicy(HttpPipelinePolicy, HttpPipelinePosition)

Adds an HttpPipeline policy into the client pipeline. The position of policy in the pipeline is controlled by the position parameter. If you want the policy to execute once per client request use PerCall otherwise use PerRetry to run the policy for every retry. Note that the same instance of policy would be added to all pipelines of client constructed using this ClientOptions object.

(Inherited from ClientOptions)

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