Azure.Messaging.EventHubs.Consumer Namespace



A client responsible for reading EventData from a specific Event Hub as a member of a specific consumer group.

A consumer may be exclusive, which asserts ownership over associated partitions for the consumer group to ensure that only one consumer from that group is reading the from the partition. These exclusive consumers are sometimes referred to as "Epoch Consumers."

A consumer may also be non-exclusive, allowing multiple consumers from the same consumer group to be actively reading events from a given partition. These non-exclusive consumers are sometimes referred to as "Non-Epoch Consumers."


The set of options that can be specified when creating an EventHubConsumerClient to configure its behavior.


Represents an Event Hub partition and its relative state, as scoped to an associated operation performed against it.


The set of options that can be specified to configure behavior when reading events from an EventHubConsumerClient.



The position of events in an Event Hub partition, typically used in the creation of an EventHubConsumerClient.


A set of information about the enqueued state of a partition, as observed by the consumer.


Contains information about a partition that has attempted to receive an event from the Azure Event Hub service, as well as the received event, if any.