CreateBatchOptions Class


The set of options that can be specified to influence the way in which an event batch behaves and is sent to the Event Hubs service.

public class CreateBatchOptions : Azure.Messaging.EventHubs.Producer.SendEventOptions
type CreateBatchOptions = class
    inherit SendEventOptions
Public Class CreateBatchOptions
Inherits SendEventOptions





The maximum size to allow for a single batch of events, in bytes.


If specified, events be published to this specific partition. If the identifier is not specified, Event Hubs will be responsible for assigning events automatically to an available partition.

(Inherited from SendEventOptions)

Allows a hashing key to be provided for the batch of events, which instructs Event Hubs to map the key to an automatically-assigned partition.

The selection of a partition is stable for a given partition key. Should any other events be published using the same exact partition key, Event Hubs will assign the same partition to them.

The partition key should be specified when there is a need to group events together, but the partition to which they are assigned is unimportant. If ensuring that a batch of events is assigned a specific partition, it is recommended that the PartitionId be assigned instead.

(Inherited from SendEventOptions)

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