NSObject.MutableCopy Method


Creates a mutable copy of the specified NSObject.

public virtual Foundation.NSObject MutableCopy ();
abstract member MutableCopy : unit -> Foundation.NSObject
override this.MutableCopy : unit -> Foundation.NSObject




Objects that implement the NSMutableCopying protocol will a new instance of the mutable version of the object. For example calling MutableCopy on an NSCharacterSet returns an NSMutableCharacterSet.

Types that implement the NSMutableCopying protocol include: AVAudioMix, AVAudioMixInputParameters, AVComposition, AVMetadataItem, AVVideoComposition, AVVideoCompositionInstruction, AVVideoCompositionLayerInstruction, NSArray, NSAttributedString, NSCharacterSet, NSData, NSDictionary, NSIndexSet, NSObject, NSSet, NSString, NSUrlRequest, SKPayment and NSParagraphStyle.

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