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TraceEventClass Enum


Defines the type of trace event.

public enum TraceEventClass
type TraceEventClass = 
Public Enum TraceEventClass


AggregateTableRewriteInfo 132

Information about aggregation table matching.

AggregateTableRewriteQuery 131

A query was rewritten according to available aggregate tables.

AuditAdminOperations 19

Records server backup/restore/synchronize/attach/detach/imageload/imagesave.

AuditLogin 1

Collects all new connection events since the trace was started, such as when a client requests a connection to a server running an instance of SQL Server.

AuditLogout 2

Collects all new disconnect events since the trace was started, such as when a client issues a disconnect command.

AuditObjectPermission 18

Records object permission changes.

AuditServerStartsAndStops 4

Records service shut down, start, and pause activities.

CalculateNonEmptyBegin 72

Calculate non empty begin.

CalculateNonEmptyCurrent 73

Calculate non empty current.

CalculateNonEmptyEnd 74

Calculate non empty end.

CalculationEvaluation 110

Information about the evaluation of calculations. This event will have a negative impact on performance when turned on.

CalculationEvaluationDetailedInformation 111

Detailed information about the evaluation of calculations. This event will have a negative impact on performance when turned on.

CommandBegin 15

Command begin.

CommandEnd 16

Command end.

DAXEvaluationLog 135

Output of EvaluateAndLog function.

DAXExtensionExecutionBegin 120

DAX extension function execution begin event.

DAXExtensionExecutionEnd 121

DAX extension function execution end event.

DAXExtensionTraceError 122

DAX extension function error trace event directly traced by extension authors.

DAXExtensionTraceInfo 123

DAX extension function informational/telemetry trace event directly traced by extension authors.

DAXExtensionTraceVerbose 124

DAX extension function verbose trace event directly traced by extension authors.

DAXQueryPlan 112

DAX logical/physical plan tree for VertiPaq and DirectQuery modes.

DAXQueryShape 133

Information about DAX query shape.

Deadlock 50

Metadata locks deadlock.

DirectQueryBegin 98

DirectQuery Begin.

DirectQueryEnd 99

DirectQuery End.

DiscoverBegin 36

Start of Discover Request.

DiscoverEnd 38

End of Discover Request.

Error 17

Server error.

ExecuteMdxScriptBegin 78

Execute MDX script begin.

ExecuteMdxScriptCurrent 79

Execute MDX script current. Deprecated.

ExecuteMdxScriptEnd 80

Execute MDX script end.

ExecuteMdxScriptError 126

An error occurred during MDX script execution.

ExecuteSourceQuery 130

Collection of all queries that are executed against the data source

ExecutionMetrics 136

Customer facing execution metrics.

ExistingConnection 41

Existing user connection.

ExistingSession 42

Existing session.

FileLoadBegin 90

File Load Begin.

FileLoadEnd 91

File Load End.

FileSaveBegin 92

File Save Begin.

FileSaveEnd 93

File Save End

GetDataFromAggregation 60

Answer query by getting data from aggregation. This event may have a negative impact on performance when turned on.

GetDataFromCache 61

Answer query by getting data from one of the caches. This event may have a negative impact on performance when turned on.

JobGraph 134

Job graph related events

LockAcquired 52

The locks were acquired by the transaction

LockReleased 53

The locks were released by the transaction

LockTimeout 51

Metadata lock timeout.

LockWaiting 54

The locks are held by another transaction and therefore this transaction is blocking until the locks are released

NotAvailable 0

Type not available.

Notification 39

Notification event.

PageInBegin 96

PageIn Begin.

PageInEnd 97

PageIn End

PageOutBegin 94

PageOut Begin.

PageOutEnd 95

PageOut End

ProgressReportBegin 5

Progress report begin.

ProgressReportCurrent 7

Progress report current.

ProgressReportEnd 6

Progress report end.

ProgressReportError 8

Progress report error.

QueryBegin 9

Query begin.

QueryCubeBegin 70

Query cube begin.

QueryCubeEnd 71

Query cube end.

QueryDimension 81

Query dimension.

QueryEnd 10

Query end.

QuerySubcube 11

Query subcube, for Usage Based Optimization.

QuerySubcubeVerbose 12

Query subcube with detailed information. This event may have a negative impact on performance when turned on.

ResourceUsage 84

Reports reads, writes, cpu usage after end of commands and queries.

SerializeResultsBegin 75

Serialize results begin.

SerializeResultsCurrent 76

Serialize results current.

SerializeResultsEnd 77

Serialize results end.

ServerStateDiscoverBegin 33

Start of Server State Discover.

ServerStateDiscoverData 34

Contents of the Server State Discover Response.

ServerStateDiscoverEnd 35

End of Server State Discover.

SessionInitialize 43

Session Initialize.

UserDefined 40

User defined Event.

VertiPaqSEQueryBegin 82

VertiPaq SE Query

VertiPaqSEQueryCacheMatch 85

VertiPaq SE Query Cache Use

VertiPaqSEQueryCacheMiss 86

VertiPaq SE Query Cache Miss

VertiPaqSEQueryEnd 83

VertiPaq SE Query

WLGroupCPUThrottling 113

Workload Group is throttled on CPU usage

WLGroupExceedsMemoryLimit 114

Workload group exceeds the memory limit

WLGroupExceedsProcessingLimit 115

Workload group exceeds the processing limit

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