KestrelServerOptions.RequestHeaderEncodingSelector Property


Gets or sets a callback that returns the Encoding to decode the value for the specified request header name, or null to use the default UTF8Encoding.

 property Func<System::String ^, System::Text::Encoding ^> ^ RequestHeaderEncodingSelector { Func<System::String ^, System::Text::Encoding ^> ^ get(); void set(Func<System::String ^, System::Text::Encoding ^> ^ value); };
public Func<string,System.Text.Encoding> RequestHeaderEncodingSelector { get; set; }
public Func<string,System.Text.Encoding?> RequestHeaderEncodingSelector { get; set; }
member this.RequestHeaderEncodingSelector : Func<string, System.Text.Encoding> with get, set
Public Property RequestHeaderEncodingSelector As Func(Of String, Encoding)

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