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FaceListOperationsExtensions Class


Extension methods for FaceListOperations.

public static class FaceListOperationsExtensions
type FaceListOperationsExtensions = class
Public Module FaceListOperationsExtensions


AddFaceFromStreamAsync(IFaceListOperations, String, Stream, String, IList<Int32>, String, CancellationToken)
AddFaceFromUrlAsync(IFaceListOperations, String, String, String, IList<Int32>, String, CancellationToken)
CreateAsync(IFaceListOperations, String, String, String, String, CancellationToken)

Create an empty face list with user-specified faceListId, name, an optional userData and recognitionModel. Up to 64 face lists are allowed in one subscription. <br /> Face list is a list of faces, up to 1,000 faces, and used by Face - Find Similar. <br /> After creation, user should use FaceList - Add Face to import the faces. Faces are stored on server until FaceList - Delete is called. <br /> Find Similar is used for scenario like finding celebrity-like faces, similar face filtering, or as a light way face identification. But if the actual use is to identify person, please use PersonGroup / LargePersonGroup and Face - Identify. <br /> Please consider LargeFaceList when the face number is large. It can support up to 1,000,000 faces. 'recognitionModel' should be specified to associate with this face list. The default value for 'recognitionModel' is 'recognition_01', if the latest model needed, please explicitly specify the model you need in this parameter. New faces that are added to an existing face list will use the recognition model that's already associated with the collection. Existing face features in a face list can't be updated to features extracted by another version of recognition model.

DeleteAsync(IFaceListOperations, String, CancellationToken)

Delete an existing face list according to faceListId. Persisted face images in the face list will also be deleted.

DeleteFaceAsync(IFaceListOperations, String, Guid, CancellationToken)

Delete an existing face from a face list (given by a persistedFaceId and a faceListId). Persisted image related to the face will also be deleted.

GetAsync(IFaceListOperations, String, Nullable<Boolean>, CancellationToken)

Retrieve a face list’s faceListId, name, userData, recognitionModel and faces in the face list.

ListAsync(IFaceListOperations, Nullable<Boolean>, CancellationToken)

List face lists’ faceListId, name, userData and recognitionModel. <br /> To get face information inside faceList use FaceList - Get

UpdateAsync(IFaceListOperations, String, String, String, CancellationToken)

Update information of a face list.

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