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LargePersonGroupOperationsExtensions Class


Extension methods for LargePersonGroupOperations.

public static class LargePersonGroupOperationsExtensions
type LargePersonGroupOperationsExtensions = class
Public Module LargePersonGroupOperationsExtensions


CreateAsync(ILargePersonGroupOperations, String, String, String, String, CancellationToken)

Create a new large person group with user-specified largePersonGroupId, name, an optional userData and recognitionModel. <br /> A large person group is the container of the uploaded person data, including face images and face recognition feature, and up to 1,000,000 people. <br /> After creation, use LargePersonGroup Person - Create to add person into the group, and call LargePersonGroup - Train to get this group ready for Face - Identify. <br /> The person face, image, and userData will be stored on server until LargePersonGroup Person - Delete or LargePersonGroup - Delete is called. <br />

  • Free-tier subscription quota: 1,000 large person groups.
  • S0-tier subscription quota: 1,000,000 large person groups. <br /> 'recognitionModel' should be specified to associate with this large person group. The default value for 'recognitionModel' is 'recognition_01', if the latest model needed, please explicitly specify the model you need in this parameter. New faces that are added to an existing large person group will use the recognition model that's already associated with the collection. Existing face features in a large person group can't be updated to features extracted by another version of recognition model.
DeleteAsync(ILargePersonGroupOperations, String, CancellationToken)

Delete an existing large person group. Persisted face features of all people in the large person group will also be deleted.

GetAsync(ILargePersonGroupOperations, String, Nullable<Boolean>, CancellationToken)

Retrieve the information of a large person group, including its name, userData and recognitionModel. This API returns large person group information only, use LargePersonGroup Person - List instead to retrieve person information under the large person group.

GetTrainingStatusAsync(ILargePersonGroupOperations, String, CancellationToken)

Retrieve the training status of a large person group (completed or ongoing).

ListAsync(ILargePersonGroupOperations, String, Nullable<Int32>, Nullable<Boolean>, CancellationToken)

List all existing large person groups’s largePersonGroupId, name, userData and recognitionModel.<br />

  • Large person groups are stored in alphabetical order of largePersonGroupId.
  • "start" parameter (string, optional) is a user-provided largePersonGroupId value that returned entries have larger ids by string comparison. "start" set to empty to indicate return from the first item.
  • "top" parameter (int, optional) specifies the number of entries to return. A maximal of 1000 entries can be returned in one call. To fetch more, you can specify "start" with the last retuned entry’s Id of the current call. <br /> For example, total 5 large person groups: "group1", ..., "group5". <br /> "start=&top=" will return all 5 groups. <br /> "start=&top=2" will return "group1", "group2". <br /> "start=group2&top=3" will return "group3", "group4", "group5".
TrainAsync(ILargePersonGroupOperations, String, CancellationToken)

Queue a large person group training task, the training task may not be started immediately.

UpdateAsync(ILargePersonGroupOperations, String, String, String, CancellationToken)

Update an existing large person group's display name and userData. The properties which does not appear in request body will not be updated.

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