CosmosClientOptions.MaxRetryWaitTimeOnRateLimitedRequests Property


Gets or sets the maximum retry time in seconds for the Azure Cosmos DB service.

public TimeSpan? MaxRetryWaitTimeOnRateLimitedRequests { get; set; }
member this.MaxRetryWaitTimeOnRateLimitedRequests : Nullable<TimeSpan> with get, set
Public Property MaxRetryWaitTimeOnRateLimitedRequests As Nullable(Of TimeSpan)

Property Value


The default value is 30 seconds.


The minimum interval is seconds. Any interval that is smaller will be ignored.

When a request fails due to a rate limiting error, the service sends back a response that contains a value indicating the client should not retry before the RetryAfter time period has elapsed.

This property allows the application to set a maximum wait time for all retry attempts. If the cumulative wait time exceeds the this value, the client will stop retrying and return the error to the application.

For more information, see Handle rate limiting/request rate too large.

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