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PriorityLevel Enum


Valid values of Priority Level for a request

public enum PriorityLevel
type PriorityLevel = 
Public Enum PriorityLevel


High 1

High Priority

Low 2

Low Priority


Setting priority level only has an effect if Priority Based Execution is enabled. If it is not enabled, the priority level is ignored by the backend. Default PriorityLevel for each request is treated as High. It can be explicitly set to Low for some requests. When Priority based execution is enabled, if there are more requests than the configured RU/S in a second, then Cosmos DB will throttle low priority requests to allow high priority requests to execute. This does not limit the throughput available to each priority level. Each priority level can consume the complete provisioned throughput in absence of the other. If both priorities are present and the user goes above the configured RU/s, low priority requests start getting throttled first to allow execution of mission critical workloads.

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