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ClientOptions Class


Options that allow configuration of the device or module client instance during initialization.

public class ClientOptions
type ClientOptions = class
Public Class ClientOptions





The transport settings to use for all file upload operations, regardless of what protocol the device client is configured with. All file upload operations take place over https. If FileUploadTransportSettings is not provided, then file upload operations will use the same client certificates configured in the transport settings set for client connect.


The DTDL model Id associated with the device or module client instance. This feature is currently supported only over MQTT and AMQP.


The time buffer before expiry when the token should be renewed, expressed as a percentage of the time to live. Acceptable values lie between 0 and 100 (including the endpoints). Eg. if set to a value of 30, the token will be renewed when it has 30% or less of its lifespan left. If unset the token will be renewed when it has 15% or less of its lifespan left.


The suggested time to live value for tokens generated for SAS authenticated clients. The TimeSpan provided should be a positive value, signifying that it is not possible to generate tokens that have already expired. If unset the generated SAS tokens will be valid for 1 hour.


The configuration for setting MessageId for every message sent by the device or module client instance. The default behavior is that MessageId is set only by the user.

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